Imaginext Power Rangers Remote Control Dragonzord (MIB)

Imaginext Power Rangers Remote Control Dragonzord (MIB)

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MMPR Turn the Power Pad on the Dragonzord's back to open his chest and place the Green Ranger inside the cockpit. Now use the remote control to move the Zord forward or backward - and push the button to rapid-fire 5 projectiles in a row to send enemies running for cover! If that doesn't scare them away, shake the remote control to send the Dragonized into his iconic battle spin, as seen on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show. (Watch out for his spiked tail - it's menacing, too!) And his awesome sounds and light-up chest & mouth really turn up his fierceness factor. Kids will love using these action figures to take Power Rangers battles (and their imaginations) to new heights, creating one Morph nominal adventure after another! Fisher-Price Mattel Mint In Box. NOTE: Not Covered By Flat Rate Shipping.