Baywatch & V.I.P.
   The Brady Bunch
   Battlestar Galactica
   Charlie's Angels
   Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin)
   Happy Days
   Hercules-The Legendary Journeys
   Knight Rider
   Lost in Space
   The Munsters
   The Muppets
   Space 1999
   Xena - Warrior Princess
   Dukes Of Hazzard
   Starsky & Hutch
   Gerry Anderson Sci-Fi TV Shows
   Dark Shadows
   Buck Rogers
   Farscape by Toy Vault
   Magnum P.I.
   The A-Team
   Stargate SG1
   Dark Angel
   Kroft Superstars
   "Lost" by McFarlane Toys
   The Lone Ranger
   The Greatest American Hero
   Green Hornet
   Land of the Giants
   "24" Jack Bauer
   Heroes by Mezco
   The Avengers
   How the West was Won
   Grizzly Adams
   The Ready Gang
   Rookies by LJN

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